‘Specs for Rex’ Picture book GIVEAWAY signed by author :-]

The things I do for you lot eh? Well, you can thank me later lol x

So, as you know I got to meet award-winning illustrator Yasmeen Ismail this week, and I want to present you with her latest picture book ‘Specs for Rex’ in a special give away. The author herself has even signed it for one of you lucky people!


All you have to do to win this fun, vibrant picture book is answer the following question….


Tell me the name of your favourite Picture book and why? yes, it’s as simple as that, and this signed ‘Specs for Rex’ book could be all yours!

Please follow the guideline’s

Who can enter?

All are welcome! 

When does this give away open and close?

OPENS Tomorrow, Yeah! Tuesday 27th of January 2015

CLOSES, Boo! Monday 2nd of February 2015, NO MORE entries will be considered after 9pm that day.

How to enter?

Simply e-mail me the name of your favourite PICTURE BOOK, with no more than three lines explaining why to….


How is the winner chosen, and when will they be announced?

The winner will be chosen at random, and will be announced on my blog right here on the ‘The jammy notebook’ tab Tuesday 3rd February 2015 yeah!!!! 

How will the winner be contacted?

Via e-mail

What if something goes wrong with your entry?

Proof of submission electronically or of posting of a form will NOT constitute proof of delivery and NO responsibility will be taken for corrupted, delayed or mislaid entries.

Are there prize alternatives?

There will be no cash or other alternatives to the prize offered and prizes are not transferable.

What happens In the event I do not receive my prize?

The utt most care and consideration of post and packaging will be duely given to the winner and their prize, but NO responsibility will be taken for lost, stolen, mislaid or damaged, delayed, or corrupted post and/or packaging to the winner. 

And finally…

I’d really appreciate it if you ‘Liked’ this post before entering, that would be just peachy! Lol, meanwhile, I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.


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