Literally chasing the dream

So much is going on right now, and having time to write is getting lower and lower on the list.


Actually the image above suggests I’m not eating very well, but that’s not the case I’ve been cooking everyday, good stuff too, maybe because I’m becoming increasingly aware of the lack of time and don’t want to feel like complete CRUD. I’m just getting very little sleep!


I spent all day e-mailing back and forth with the film editor I outsourced, we’ll be having a meeting soon. The film shorts I made before Christmas, are coming along nicely she reassures me. But I’m well aware that, they will only be a portion of what I need to do before letting them loose onto the world…Like I said sooo much to do!


I found an amazing wizard, no, not the Gandalf kind an actual musical Wizard. I arranged a meeting and went to his place, we got all wizardy in his studio, coming up with a theme tune for my author film shorts. I ran to see a mate who lived up the road straight after, because I had to tell someone what I’d just experienced, I was totally buzzing creatively!




Work, then went on a Course….


Work, Surprise trip to the circus from Boyf- I so wanted to tell him thanks but I need to finish this….I bit my lip.


Work, Studied, Visited Nan.


Work, studied and so on….

Ok, so when will I bloody get time to write, huh when????? I’m literally chasing my tail here, I have to make this work, I must make this work.

Sorry, just blowing off steam, I really want my cake and to eat it. It can’t be any other way lol.


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