My favourite bloggers!


Now that I’m getting into the gentle swing of blogging, I’m really enjoying it. It pushes you to explore, to research, and to generally have fun with what you want the world to know.

But as well as having my own blog, I get great satisfaction of reading other blogs too. I suppose I like good content, I’m nosy as well so I want to know a few little secrets, and just basically be made to feel that I’m welcome to come around for a coffee or two!

Here are some of my fav bloggers!

Kristen Lamb

Why? Because it’s informative, with fab and useful content for us writers, it’s got just the right amount of sass, to make you to come back begging for more!

Her latest social media/branding book Rise of the Machines—Human Authors in a Digital World is available on AMAZON, iBooks, or Nook

Chris Hill

Topical, interesting, again useful hints and tips for writers. Oh, and if you’ve seen a book called ‘The pick up artist’ popping up on Amazon and the like, that’ll be him. 

Haute mommy handbook

A Fun, easy to get around lifestyle blog, packed with foodie ideas, film and book reviews, from this stylish mommy! A very generous blog.

Girls heart books

This blog is a bit of a pick and mix which I love! There are also book reviews, guest bloggers, and competitions to get your teeth stuck into.


She blogs about her experiences as a writer, the hardship and the good times, its always interesting to read her story.

Please check these bloggers out if you haven’t already! Scribble in the comments box if there’s a blogger you rate highly, if it’s yourself even better! 

I’d like to say a special ‘Thank you’ to Haute Mommy hand book for prompting this post and voting me as one of her ‘Inspirational bloggers’ a couple of weeks ago, it means a lot. I’m guessing no one told her I talk to birds, and have weirdo tendencies lol.


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