Getting to know your desk exercise’s!


I’ve always been very active but since writing I find myself not moving as much, and it’s NOT good. So being a qualified Pilates instructor, I know a woman of many talents lol I need to get back into the swing of things but dragging you in with me. Here are my TOP 5 desk exercises at the Biro gym!

Top five desk exercise’s

Neck screen release’s

So you’ve been at your desk for a mighty TEN hours or so, your eyeballs haven’t shifted from the screen. You’ve been so engrossed in your work that your chin has shifted from its original position, to almost touching the screen.

Begin by tilting your head from ear to shoulder, without lifting your shoulders up to your ears perform 8x each way. Next turn your head from left to right as if looking behind yourself, 8x each way.

Smooth shoulder rolls

DOOF! you’ve fallen asleep at your desk, you’ve lost all sense of posture and gravity Elphaba!

Sit tall in your chair, roll both of your shoulders up and back, drawing your shoulder blades slightly towards each other 10x. Next, open your chest further by reaching your arms forward creating a big circle to the back 8x.

Dropped pen pick ups!

Yes unfortunately you’ve dropped your pen, and you have to retrieve it because your computers on the blink!

Sit tall in your chair placing your hands on your knees, take a breath in, then drop your chin to your chest and roll down slowly [any discomfort at your back, avoid going too low, and stop where you are] take a breath in your halted position, breath out and roll up one vertebrae at a time drawing your tummy inwards, go back to a tall seated posture, perform 8-10x. Actively using the breath like this is a great stress reliever too!

Desk gettaways

You know you’ve spent waaay to much time at your desk when crumbs are magically appearing, in between the cracks of your keyboard.

Head out for some fresh air 2-3x per week.

Go for a swim, a run, a brisk walk, gym class, or cycle to the market, anything just gettaway from your desk!

Deadline Boosters!

The mobiles non-stop, and the pressure is on to get the work finished. You’ve been reaching for snacks left right and centre, and you’re feeling zapped of energy.

Do your own mobility warm up for 3-5 mins, then REPEAT 3x the exercises below at your preferred level.

Beginners: 30 secs March on the spot-bring knees up high if possible- 5-8x Push ups, hold the Plank 10-20 breaths- engage your core and avoid arching your back here.

Improver: 15x star jumps, 10x push ups knees on the floor, 10x Burpees -instead off jumping out to a plank position, step one leg out at a time behind you.

Intermediate/advanced: 20x Star jumps, 15x Push ups knees off the floor, 15x Burpees.

Stretch :-]

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The Biro gym is now closed, good luck!

[Keep well hydrated, and Please Get permission from your doctor if you have any health concerns.]

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