My favourite books of 2014 in three words!


Let’s do this!!!

Haunting, exquisite, brave.

Subtle, ordinary, captivating!

Sharp, moving, fun.

Conversational, heartfelt, observant.

Smart, opinionated, gutsy.

Funny, illustrative, character-packed!

 And the book which will bring me into 2015 is Nell Dunn’s classic ‘Up the junction’ I’ve almost finished reading it, but so far it’s….

Rebellious, fast, and present.

I’ve enjoyed reading so much this year! I definitely can’t wait to see what old and new storytellers have in store for me in the new year!

What are your favourite book(s) of 2014?


4 thoughts on “My favourite books of 2014 in three words!

  1. Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s Beautiful Creatures series. Love their writing. I discovered a whole series of novels written by J.D.Robb (Nora Roberts) which I have been obsessively reading. The series is called the In Death series. Love it when I discover a whole series of books I never knew about. I even read the entire Twilight series, this year. They were good. I reread The Lord of The Rings series. It’s one of my childhood favorites and I reread it every few years.


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