The good the bad and the holiday snaps!

The good


We set off for our holidays to Venice!

The bad


1. It started when we began by arguing over petty things -me and the boyf- and that’s even before we got on the plane.

2. We were built up to thinking it was going to be an amazing place, but the pressure became all too consuming for it live up to expectations.

3. The hotel managerial assistant accused my boyf of stealing using the mini-bar. ‘I can see here that you took something from the mini bar’ manic eyeball wiggle.

4. Asking for directions became an offence!

5. The air stewardess told us and I quote ‘We are not sure where we have landed, so when you open the door, I guess you’ll find out’ 

6. Our luggage got lost.

7. It took 20 mins to buy a water-bus ticket, the time it would have taken to walk to our destination, but we thought it might be nice to see the views from the boat.

Newsflash: Due to heavy fog, there were no views!

8. I watched someone else being proposed to…Lol

9. The place got filled with crazily impatient tourists!

10. We bought Karl Pilkington’s book, and are re-thinking to ever bother leaving the house, again.

Holiday snaps!

Ok, ok  so it wasn’t all bad…

1. Christmas Eve with my boyfriend was great! We were curtailed in to a nearby restaurant by an old drunk, and it ended up being one of our best nights in Venice. He ordered the fish soup -boyf, not the Drunk– which he is still talking about now, it was that good!


2. We saw a fantastic concert!


3. Our hotel was pretty swanky, and it had the BEST bath ever.

4. The gondolas and views were beautiful, and the days although at first foggy got lighter and brighter to take photos, as we happily walked the streets of San Marco.




5. Ahora estamos en Espania, estoy muy feliz ;-]


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