Shopping for eyebrows!?!


                                           ‘Lord grump’ by Sabrina Bramble

So while all of you lot out there were shopping for those last minute Christmas presents, I went shopping for props for my new youtube film shorts. My characters are quite distinctive and while David Horror needed purple shoes, which I dyed and sprayed in the backyard.


‘Lord Grump’ needed crazily fuzzy eyebrows. But all of the character eyebrows I found were seriously expensive, I was looking at ‘at least £25’ said the lady in the convent garden make-up shop. That was too much for me, but I was hell-bent on getting a pair, and as I strolled in Primark [Primaaarda, to you and I heee!] I found some furry earmuffs, and some tit-tape, and I knew ‘Lord Grump’ need worry no more. He was sorted. Check out the photo above with me wearing them!


Here are some of the drawings of ‘Lord grump’ which I’ll be changing at some point, the outfit is not quite right; but you can get an idea of his character from here- I think!

imageWill share more soon!!!

Well done Jed from Nottingham! Hope you find a fitting place to hang the ‘David Horror’ picture, which I’ve sent & framed for you!





2 thoughts on “Shopping for eyebrows!?!

  1. Sabs, this is soooooo exciting…Can’t wait to meet Lord Grump and David Horror… You go girl, living your dreams, thats the way to go… Hope you are enjoying a fabulously sunny christmas. xXx


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