Getting to know your writing biscuit!


Biscuits my peeps, are NOT just a momentary snack they are a true life saver – unless you eat them everyday, and as a result are having trouble breathing, yeah, you might need to see someone about that.

So let’s not point out the obvious, that healthy alternatives like nuts, and fruit are much better for you, cause’ we all know that. Because today’s post is about the BISCUIT, a no holds barred, lovely crumbly biscuity posty. So there!

Lets do this….

My Top 5 writing biscuits x


1. Jammy dodger

The perfect procrastination biscuit, it’s the jammy centre which allows you time to chew like a cow in a field for ages, mulling over and dissecting your writing. Then before hitting the key pad, it forces you to pick the jam out of your teeth for further 8 mins and 43 sec’s.

2. Digestive

This is a proper dunking biscuit, if you’ve eaten half the pack you probably haven’t written a thing, NOT a good biscuit for writers block, but it will make you feel all warm and squidgy inside.

3. Cream custard

You’re on a roll! So much so, you’ve got time to stop and twist the top half of the biscuit off the top, and eat the cream inside. Then you’re straight back in, chapter 4, second paragragh….

‘She walked in manically with a bourbon on her head, and suddenly everything changed…’

4. Ginger nuts

You’re going nutty, writers block has hit hard! You haven’t been able to write for three and half hours! These nuts may just do the trick, gingerly firing you up, and forcing you to write the most surreal crap known to man, then BOOM!!!! The magic strikes.

5. Shortbread

The Scots have got this biscuit thing down. Why? Why? Because their’s comes wearing a tarten jacket. I swear, I see a packet and I want to do a little bagpipe jig. Just perfect when you’ve finished a hardcore session of reading, or writing at the end of the day. Hmmm bring on the cocoa you deserve it.

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What’s your favourite writing biscuit???


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