Zoella’s ghost story!


8pm last night….

I checked my twitter feed and saw that Zoella was trending, what’s going on? I scrolled down…


These days if your face is on a screen whether it be on a home video or youtube and someone is watching -in Zoella’s case six million subscribers-you could be pulled into a stratospheric helter skelter game of fame, which from what I can tell isn’t always pretty.

I may be the only one in the universe that hasn’t seen Zoella’s Youtube channel, but her story caught my attention after her ‘quitting the internet’ became big news and sprawled itself all over twitter last night. Why? Because everyone and their parakeet got wind that her book ‘Girl online’ was ghost written, by Siobhan Curran. The book has sold by the truck load, and is currently number 3# on Amazon’s booksellers list!

Does it really matter that the book was ghost written? No.

Does anyone really care? Well, apparently they do.

Do her subscribers feel they were lied to? Maybe, but they really shouldn’t.

The thing is when I subscribe to something, I subscribe because I like it, and I want to know more about it; essentially I’ve bought into the ethos, the style… the brand. I probably couldn’t tell you why I like one blogger/youtuber more than the next. Like most, I just do. It’s that Simple.

From what I can gather, Zoella pitched herself perfectly to an incredible number of people, and managed to reach out to an audience who wanted to chant, think, and invest time watching her. This is an advertisers dream. But I don’t suppose Zoella was thinking about all of this when she began, she was just being herself, and people liked what she was about. I suspect her devoted followers finding out that she can’t do it all, and write a book may have shattered the illusion a bit, which is why there’s been such and uproar.

Look, we all want to believe that the queen feeds her corgis the finest gravlax that money can buy, that she has cucumber sandwiches for tea and is chauffeur driven around her back garden whenever she so chooses. We don’t want to know that her majesty may fart and pick her nose like the rest of us. C’mon no one wants to think of the queen in that way, I understand. But NEWSFLASH guys! She does, she’s only human for goodness sake just like you and me AND I’m afraid the lovely Zoella Sugg, whose vocation may not be in writing books for the masses.

So maybe the book was ghost written, so what, Zoella has done the hardest thing that anyone can do. She has built a serious fan base. Fans who want to be apart of her world, to become a follower, to go into the shops, to pick up her book, take it to the cash desk, dig into their pockets, pull out the cash and buy a copy of ‘Girl online’.  

Believe me, there isn’t a ghost in the world that can do that.







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