Confessions of a children’s writer


O.k lets do this, no introduction, just a swig of something strong and a very BIG GULP! Here are my TOP FIVE CONFESSIONS.

First up: I have yet to read Harry Potter….I know, I know I tried to read the first one, but I just couldn’t get into it. Will try again promise!

2. I love spending time with my nephew reading, and drawing. I especially like baking cakes that get messy and go a bit wrong…like the time, I broke my sisters favourite bowl into iddy biddy pieces. I just blamed him, on the basis that he’d be a super hero in my next book. Works for me!

3. Sometimes, only sometimes I like to act out my scenes into the voice recorder of my phone. ‘Take that Mr Wobblefinkle!’

4. Major saddo alert!!!!! I go into WH Smith every Saturday and walk up and down the aisle looking at books, envisaging my very own paper back on the shelf between David Walliams and Jeff Kinney. EVERY SATURDAY.

5. When I’m on a roll with my writing, like really getting into it, apparently I jiggle my knees and grind my teeth. BOING BOING GROWL!!!

Is there anything you’d like to confess as a writer?


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a children’s writer

  1. I also daydream about seeing my books next to the Mr Men tier!
    I also sometimes act out my stories in front of the mirror with funny accents (well someone should get to enjoy them lol!). x


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