Finding my inner Sherlock


So after work yesterday morning…

I ran to Pret to buy a salad, didn’t have time to make my usual packed lunch. I silently groaned at how expensive everything was.

As I crossed the road and headed for the library. It ALL suddenly made sense. ‘She splats him, he zaps that, they tackle them, she transforms into an spider fairy blah blah blah’ –I’m babbling like crazy in my head.

Now, as you know I’m currently writing the second book to a middle grade series, and since the mapping stage, some things have been still bugging me with the first book, things that sport an annoying crease….Then BOOM, some of those elements, links, clues, whatever you want to call them came to me, just as I crossed the road. ‘AHA!’ I said aloud, making a quick dash to my computer.

 I need to get this down quick!

I don’t think you have to be writing an investigative piece to lead yourself round the bend with the plot; I’m pretty sure it happens with every story you write. Personally I sometimes feel like a detective, with an oversized magnifying glass and a sniffer dog, trying my best to find the truth of the story, especially writing fiction because it yearns to be believed.

So if I were to tell you that Colonel Mustard murdered Mrs Jenkins in the drawing room, with a pink elephants foot, and a GIANT rubber duck? I better get my plot, timelines, character and most importantly STORY straight if I want you lot out there to believe me.

 When are you most likely to get your AHA! Moments ?


2 thoughts on “Finding my inner Sherlock

  1. I always get my “aha” moments when I’m walking down the street. I can spend a whole day indoors hoping for inspiration, then in a 10min walk it all comes to…Maybe I need to spend more time outside!


    • Changing your ‘scenery’ is always helpful, you never know where that new gem of information can inform your ideas, or indeed relax your mind for things to flow 🙂


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