Taking the plunge!


I feel a great urge, to jump into a pool of freezing cold water, and take in some fresh clean air. I don’t mind telling you all that I’m in a bit of a funk at the moment, a very uncertain funk, growing on my skin like a fuzzy green mould. I definitely need to switch things up a little, and give myself something to think about, to unsettle the apple cart so to speak. Mad I know. But anxiety mixed with the funk, is ruthlessly potent. I need to grab my ticket out of here. Fast.

So I’ve decided that by the end of this month I would have done something different, to be precise I would have tried my hand at a couple of those ideas which have been swishing around in the square case of my head, and give myself a….


1. Enter a poetry slam: I did attempt to get involved with one at the beg of the year but it never happened, and I never pursued it, but I think it’s time to give it a go. My legs are knocking just thinking about it lol.¬†

2. To read to kids at my local library, as a volunteer: It would be great to engage with the kids, and put my storytelling skills to the test.

3. Self publish one of my picture books: I know I’ve written about getting that allusive agent/publisher on board which I’ll still be submitting to; But I have been researching the subject from a while and would love to try it, the process is fascinating to me from cover, to illustration.

Granted this last challenge may take a little longer, and I do NOT intend to publish anything that is not the best it can possibly be, but I will let you know how I get on.

What challenge will you set yourself this month?


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