I’ll submit….To an extent


After taking a long sigh, I put my post rejection phase into action, and set about sending three of my picture books off to four publishers and two agents.

A copius amount of homework was required, because I wanted to familiarise myself with each company, but seeing if they’re a good ‘fit’ really takes time. The formatting has also got to be right on the money, the details of margins, size of font, space between the lines, and engaging them with that all important content, pow pow! grabbing the agent with that first line. Talk about pressure.

I almost feel like I have to channel that G. Flynn ‘Amazing Amy’ type figure; Getting everything just right…It’s so friggin’ daunting.

But alas, it is important.


I promise you, when I went back to take a look at what I’d written, at least a hundred times over the previous day, in at LEAST three of those sent submission letters, there were mistakes, grammatical and otherwise, I seriously wanted to kick myself in the eye I couldn’t believe it!!! I was like Nooooooooooo, Hoooooooow, sabotaaaage!

The librarian had to come over and stuff a book into my mouth. Think she chipped a tooth.

Anyhow, like my manuscript, I will definitely be getting a second AND third pair of eyes, to look at it in the future.


I was pretty tired, after going through my new re-worked submission forms, and started to think-never a good thing- about my next step.

I thought to myself ‘Sure, I can submit and wait three months to half a year for an answer, or I can put myself to good use and start making things happen’. I understand that waiting patiently is all part of the ongoing process, but wasting my time, while I patiently wait certainly isn’t. 

How are you finding the submissions process? Write in the welcome box below.



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