Dirty the white


Letting go of your first book can feel like a child of yours which has flown the nest, and is setting up with some random’s in a student flat, and no, you’ve got no idea if they’ll ever come back to visit. On one hand you feel as though you’ve done all you could do, but on the other hand you begin to miss the sweet ache of them asking you for a tenner to tide them over or winding you up by changing there hair an illuminous green colour, and getting a tacky tattoo of Tweety pie on their bums.

Yes, writing my second book, has had a few stop start moments, but dare I say it I think I’m beginning to smooth out the creases. I’ve been deliberating and plotting the only way I know how, which is to make a list of beg, mid and end suggestions, cutting it all up and shifting them around- a midst of possibly taking my Matrix role play a step too far. I do this a stupid number of times until something feels right. I didn’t plot the first book so this mapping lark is all a bit new to me, but because it’s a series there are a few clues left in the first book which need to be explained, so creating a coherent plotting system seemed the best way to go.

I’m very aware that I will be taken off the beaten track, up and away from my plan, but surely that’s the fun of it all, even when you know it may get excruciatingly messy. So if you’re starting afresh and have found yourself in a bit of a funk, then my advice would be to just start, don’t worry about the right or wrong, just get in there and dirty the white.

Get scribbling on the screen in front of you, or indeed the freaky stark white paper on your desk and PUT PEN TO PAPER.

It’s the only way to make something out of nothing, allow the germ of your idea to breathe, then you’ll have something to legitimately moan about, scream about, laugh about but most importantly WRITE ABOUT.

Good luck!

Would love to know how you plot your books, or not as the case maybe. Feel free to write in the welcome box below.


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