I blame the most lethal past time of them all…The Daydream

Last Sunday,

I went to see Sequence 8 at the Peacock theatre with a friend of mine, but ended up at Sadlers wells, I blame the most lethal past time of them all ‘daydreaming’. I ran to the correct theatre with seconds to spare, and was so happy with my achievement, of dodging old ladies and useless dazed tourists that I managed to get a sweat on, the type of sweat that only my spinning teacher could be proud of, so while my top looks like its been on a viscious spin cycle and I almost break my ankle running up the stairs to my seat. It was a complete success! I mean, the fact that my head was still on my shoulders was quite frankly astounding. 

If you haven’t seen Seq 8, go get tickets, amazing doesn’t even come close, the kids will love it too!


After work, I had to send some e-mails all regarding money, hate loathe hate talking about money, I actually get sweaty palmed thinking about it, it just gets in the way, the root of all evil and all that, definitely the stuff of wars right??? While thinking about this, I somehow walked out of the coffee shop without paying for my coffee.


Completed David Nicholls ‘One day’, Loooooooooved it! *insert operatic voice please* I’m currently reading the follow up ‘Us’ which I bought while hovering about in Daunt’s bookshop in Ladbroke grove; and whadayouknow some other books managed to find there way into my basket too! Arrrr books, books, books, books…Perhaps one day Ill see my own book in there, one day.

A girls gotta dream, right?









Will let you know how I get on!

What books are you reading at the moment?


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