Getting to know your audience


It sounds simple this whole ‘Getting to know your audience’ thing, but I think it’s one of the hardest things to do, and do well. But once you find out who they are, you can put your energy into marketing directly, with a specific target group in mind. I believe knowing who you are or at least the person you want to portray is extremely important, this way you are more likely to find like minded people, and build an audience with a common interest. All you have to do now is, convince the rest of the world *gulp!*

So lets start by asking ourselves who are this audience? Are they toddlers, middle graders, young adults, parents, historians, teachers…Or is there more than one  audience you could target?

Where can you reach them? Websites, forums, social networks, local communities, schools, clubs…

And here comes the 60 million dollar question, will they be interested in what you’ve got to say? No one knows the answer to this, but there are ways to find out!!!



You can try…

1. To do reading(s) at local library’s or schools, you don’t have to read the whole thing a snippet will do, just to gage a reaction, but more importantly create a discussion.

2. If your ready, use platforms such as Wattpad: Upload a couple of chapters, read the comments see if your hitting the right spot with the audience you want to connect with. (Remember you can’t please everyone, so don’t give up if the reaction is not in favour of your work) 

3. Use your friends who have kids who fit your target audience: Set up a little event, with simple snacks, and related games, reading an extract from your book. See if they laugh, if they’re disgusted, bored even, check out what works and what doesn’t. Use it to better your writing. Then ask yourself questions, for example, did the language go over their head because it was waaaay too complicated, how can you improve it?????

4. Social networking, I’m not going to lie to you this one took a lot of persuading, I prefer to look at someone in the eye, or not…And talk. This laptop way of communicating didn’t come naturally to me, initially. But it has to be done guys, why because a LARGE majority of us communicate in this way now, so if you want to make a connection, try to find the appropriate social network platform for you. Take your time, don’t be bullied into joining Facebook, if you feel Instagram is more user friendly for YOU, you can always dabble with other networks when you’re more comfortable. 

5. Remember that your audience starts and ends with you. Some people will like what your doing, some people won’t. In the same way some people like apple pie and some people don’t. Stick with your guns and be yourself, otherwise somewhere down the road your guaranteed to get pie in the face! Check out other blogs, and websites in your chosen field, and see what other people are doing? How are they’re making themselves discoverable, and accessible to their audience? What are they doing right? How can you apply that to your own platform? Or maybe you want to go against the grain and try something new, great, go for it! But make it relevant and keep it simple. 

No doubt, getting to know your audience can be a little scary, because you are essentially sharing something about yourself with them. I’m not suggesting you get butt naked here, but in order to build a rapport with strangers you’ve got to tell them a bit about who you are, I guess so it’ll make things less STRANGE! Lol

If you have any ideas you would like to share in regards to ‘audience’ and what it means to you. Please write in the welcome box below :0] 



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