Do you have to be an intellectual to be a writer?

In answer to the title, I’m gonna make this post short and sweet NO. I reckon you just need to write something others would want to read, and you yourself can’t help but write. That’s it. Yeah, there’s a lot of skill involved in writing down what you want to say, the way you want to say it, which really isn’t as easy as you may think, but I don’t think you need to be reading Tolstoy to get there.

I don’t consider myself particularly ‘brainy’, but I am hopelessly curious. I want to know stuff, try stuff out, and I don’t really care what it is. I’m a sucker for tacky films, rubbishy bubblegum books, and cruddy celebrity gossip all the stuff I suppose you’re not supposed to like if your like a serious writer. Having said that I love to read the classics, and enjoy being exposed to works which could be considered as ‘intellectually challenging’. But everyone’s different. Whatever happens I reckon being yourself is way more important than being anyone else, when it comes to taste. Corny but true.

Side note: To do list

*Must finish reading current book ‘One day’ David Nicholls, I’m so late to the party on that one, has everyone read it but me??? Heard Ann Hathaway managed to kill the Yorkshire accent single handedly in the film yikes. 

*Must try to remember at least two names at new meet up group this eve [learning Spanish] So bad with names, really don’t want to mistake my Pablo’s from my Pedro’s if you know what I mean.  

* Must put ‘Strictly’ on record, oh and ‘Bake off’, no time to watch during the week.Text all friends -yes all five of them- you will not be going out on the weekend, as you have VERY important business to attend to. However, if anyone’s answers have the words Beer or Kettle chips in them, please re-think options!!!!  

*Must do washing! Have no clean socks, I’ve only got Xmas ones left at the back of the drawer, and I refuse to wear them until father Christmas says I can! 


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