Are you rich in ideas but poor in time?


Yessssssss, I can see you all nodding your heads from here. Well, you can add me to your woeful clan because that’s me all over.

Lets take this blog for instance, it really was a good idea at the time, but if you’re and avid follower as I know you all are lol, you would have noticed that I haven’t uploaded anything for the last two weeks!

Every time I start a new idea, I’m pulled away by that thing called life, work, money, putting food on the table, all the normal stuff. It can be a challenge to keep the flow and enthusiasm going when you go back to what you were working on, like revving up an engine time and time again.

So here’s MY TOP FIVE for what I do to keep on track, sometimes unsuccessfully, but for the most part it works quite well!

First up…

Make a list. oooh your excited now arent you? No, no just hear me out, this is not just any list, this a PRIORITY LIST. It’s an imminent, can’t wait, manageable, bite sized list.

2. Schedule work days.When is a realistic time to start? When is the cut off point? Do you want to enter a competition, if so what is the deadline? Do you need 15 or 20 drawings for my next picture book, when is the deadline? Put it all in your diary, so you’re prepared to NOT miss out.

3. Show Off. Yes, become a peacock and show your ideas off to friends and family. Honest opinions will usually let you know if elements of your writing are working or not. This should hopefully cut down on procrastination time, those ever winding roads leading to NOWHERE DUM DUM DUM!!!!

4. Mobiles. Everyone and their auntie has one these days, and if you don’t, pen and paper are still very fashionable sweetie! I use my notes page to jot down ideas ALL THE TIME. Admittedly, most of the stuff is completely useless, but I’m less likely to lose that diamond in the rough if I get it down.

5. Delegation. Sometimes you can’t do it all by yourself, so sharing those commitments with others can really lighten the load. Especially when you’ve got kids, deadlines, social commitments and those unsightly tax returns to deal with.

But ultimately if you are a writer you work alone- for the first part anyway- and bringing your ideas to life can be hard work, so if you’re serious it really is a non-negotiable, you have to find a way to make the time.

Have you got any tips for making more time for your ideas? Would love to hear from you x







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