The loves and hates of a newbie writer


As a newbie writer I sometimes feel like a sweaty palmed adolescent not able to get crappy work experience, let alone a job in my chosen field. There’s an element of feeling like I’m starting all over again, I guess because, essentially I am.

I know that I’ll be in the writing world for a while, lets just say it ‘aint going away I’m having far too much fun! But everything has a flip side, and I thought I’d share some of my likes and dislikes as a newbie thus far.

Newbie hates

1. If you decide to go in a different direction i.e. Self pub, it’s usually assumed that your work isn’t very good!

2. Feeling like you’re in no man’s land, dessert, camel, sandstorm…You.

3. Deciphering writers jargon MG, YA, Gatekeeper….Whaaaaat?????

4. Why its frowned upon if anyone- especially a newbie!!!– attempts to write a rhyming picture book, unless their names Julia Donaldson-No offence Julia you’re amazing, but jeez….

5. Waiting, waiting and more waiting….


Newbie Loves

1. That there are tons of options available now, you can upload a manuscript to Kindle or Createspace in a second, and it can be bought and read in no time. Hugh Howey, Bella Andre, T J Cooke and Mel Sherratt to name but a few, have all shown that self pub should not be under estimated.

2. The endless lists of ways to network via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc Can take me away from my desk, to share experiences with a variety of like minded people. You can ask questions, find out about upcoming lit events, and moan of course when its all going a bit Pete Tong!

3. Its nice to be part of the conversation, understanding some useful to know- but not imperative jargon/abbreviation like…

MG=Middle Grade.  YA= Young Adult.  Gatekeeper= Those who stand in the way of getting your book on the shelf.  Little Darlings= The parts of a manuscript that the writer has put their heart and soul into, which frequently brings about Killing the little darlings off, via a brutal edit AAAAARGH!

4. Not knowing what’s waiting around the corner can be exciting!

5. And finally I love the fact that I’m not a Rankin, Green, Dahl, Donaldson, Collins, Kinney or anyone else. Don’t get me wrong I admire all of these writers immensely, they are who they are for a reason. But I can only do me, I can only be a Bramble, and as a newbie, I think that it’s not only a good place to start, it’s the only place to start.






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