My Top 5 tips on writing great fiction


So one minute you’re a talking cat, and the next you’re a dying teenager, who has fallen hopelessly in love okay, okay. So, how do you make the unbelievable believable to your reader?

Here’s my TOP FIVE tips on writing great fiction.

1.Believe the world  you have created is a real one. If you don’t believe it, you can’t expect your audience to.

2. Ideas mean nothing without direction. So, even though you have the freedom to let your imagination run riot. Try not to lose the plot.

3. Give the reader something they can recognise or relate to, even the most surreal, absurd stories should try to do this. Avoid ‘fiction snobbery’plainly speaking, complete and utter self indulgence. Let us in.

4. If research permits. Then do it.

5. Last but not least, even if you think its been done before, don’t let it hold you back. Newsflash! Its all been done before, its inevitable I’m afraid. So I would go ahead and say what you want to say, but find a new angle. Do that well enough, and guaranteed your reader will be juped into thinking that, that was the first time they’d ever heard the one about a girl who lost her shoe at midnight, and believe it.

Job done.

What are your favourite fictional books, and why?


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