Success so far…Or not


1. It all started when I got a bit of a pat on the back by well known publisher [Penguin], it was actually the editor of a friend of a friend of a sister, cousin type thing. They asked if I had any other books. I didn’t.

2. Decided to go off and write this thing that took me two weeks to complete, properly. 2 and a half yrs later.

3. Went to a writing event. I was late…very late. I wasn’t really paying attention because I was thinking about how the stupid jumper I was wearing was felting everywhere, and if there was a possibility of getting a refund even though I had worn it.

4. My ears perked up when I heard who was on the panel, why? because it was the only agent I had sent my stuff to at this point, I don’t know why but I LOVE this agency. Decided I had to speak to her.

5. Had a glass of wine or two, should mention at this point that I’m a complete light weight. Was not a good idea.

6. Spoke to agent. Thought I balls-ed it up, but she read the manuscript. She wrote back and asked me to change some things word count etc.

7. Got up next morning went to work. Checked e-mail got a message from a small publisher I’d sent manuscript off to a while back, who were interested.

8. Presently changes on manuscript have been made and sent off to agent, the smaller pub are waiting to hear what I’ll do next.

9. I am too.

10. It’s exciting yes, but I’m under no illusion that things can change in a second. It’s all completely new for me, and to be honest I’m just enjoying the ride.

Will keep you updated!


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